It’s a privilege to be part of such an amazing community of mindful women and mamas.
I was able to experience the magic of this prenatal training with my mother in NYC.
Now, almost four years later, I have welcomed two beautiful Khalsa Way babies into the world!

KW helped to prepare me both physically and mentally for childbirth and reminded me of my strength and power as a woman. It taught me that childbirth shouldn’t be my biggest fear but rather my greatest accomplishment. It taught me the effects that a conscious pregnancy and birth have on our children, our future.

One of the greatest teachings KW introduced me to was the importance of doulas and the right kind of support and energy needed during labor. Khalsa Way gave me the confidence to completely trust the process of pregnancy and labor. Our son was born at home. He was a 9 pound 9 ounce footling breech, a high risk kind of birth that usually ends up with a Cesarean. I went back to my Khalsa Way training—what I knew for sure—my body and baby are a team and this is totally possible! With the support from God, the angels and the millions of women who have birthed before me, and with the guidance from my trusted midwife and her assistant, he was born quickly and without any complications.

I will never forget my time in NYC and have encouraged many women to attend the training. What a gift it is to have something so special available to us. I am grateful every day!
— Candice Uyttewaal

Khalsa Way gifted me with a sacred space of healing, sisterhood, and friendship. I learned how to both teach and receive of the ancient wisdom and practices that helped me once I finally became pregnant and continued to teach prenatal yoga. Every aspiring or expecting mother will benefit greatly from this beautiful and powerful experience.
— Tisha Lin, CEO, Empower Every Mom

Khalsa Way was a profound experience for me. As a woman it helped me heal part of my own childbirth process, and connect more deeply with my femininity and creativity. As a yoga teacher, it taught me how to compassionately and safely guide other women through their pregnancy journey using the practices of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Most importantly, it prepared me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to enter into my own pregnancy and childbirth process when the time came. The class was a foundation for me to learn advocacy for an authentic, well informed, and educated pregnancy and childbirth. Khalsa Way became a safe community for me to grow into my pregnancy, both the challenges and joys, fully conscious, awake, and aware.

My labor was very complicated, and lasted over the span of a 3-day period in the hospital. If it were not for the Khalsa Way teachers, the tools I learned, and the embodiment I gained from the practices, I believe I would have had a very different experience and most likely a cesarian section. While I ultimately wanted what was best for me and baby, it was my hearts deep desire to have a vaginal birth. I wanted to birth with my baby, though the canal and I was able to by the grace of God. Thank you, Khalsa Way for all you have given me and countless other women!
— Kate Kennedy

2 days after she arrived, Mama & Rumi’s loving look of recognition. I knew I’d recognize this sweet soul the moment I met her. And I’ve waited a lifetime to meet her.
The first time Rumi & I connected was back in Jan. 2013. I was tending to freshly torn parts of my heart and old wounds that had readily surfaced & were begging for my attention. And well, I know no better way to heal than in the company of women. So I immersed myself in the Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga training - to connect deeper to that Shakti mother living inside me & cultivate a sacred space to nurture & heal that heavy womb of wounds I still carried.
On the 5th day of training, 1/2 way into an hour-long meditation, I was breathing thru the mental noise still haunting & convincing me I was too broken to be a mother. With every breath, I lovingly identified that mean voice as fear and moved deeper & further beyond its attempts to keep me stuck. And all at once I felt an opening. A softening of mind and body. And there & then on my Kundalini mat she found her way to me. As clear as day. I felt her in every fiber of my being. I sat there with tears streaming down my cheeks & spoke to her. I promised her I’d keep doing the work. To recover and heal. To brave my way into new & healthier beginnings, to continue to clear out the old stale behaviors & toxic thinking that were taking up mental, emotional and physical space between us. I promised her I would never stop loving & honoring, claiming & embodying the mother I was destined to be. I imagined holding her just like this one day. Eyes locked. Hearts forever tethered. Thank you Khalsa Way for giving me the clarity to believe in this day long before it arrived.
— Azita Nahai - Author of Trauma to Dharma

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