What is covered in the Khalsa Way training?

  • Rebirthing your own birth for insight, understanding and healing

  • Kundalini Yoga and Hatha postures and sequences unique to pregnancy

  • Conscious conception

  • Optimal nutrition for fertility, prenatal and postnatal

  • Meditations and mantras to help women prepare for a positive birth experience and motherhood

  • Relaxation and stress-reduction techniques to alleviate doubts, fears, negative programming and patterning

  • Common interventions and how to help women avoid those which are unnecessary

  • Couples Yoga and Meditations classes – how to teach expectant families

  • Vaccinations – exploring parents’ options and resources

  • Pregnancy anatomy and alignment

  • Understanding the differences between obstetrical and midwifery models of care

  • Recommendations for the first 40 days following birth

  • Infant care, bonding, breastfeeding and nurturing a newborn

  • First three years – developing trust in yourself and your child, secure attachment and the understanding the importance of self-care

  • A conscious approach to labor and birth and tips and tools for managing and transcending the intensity

  • Clearing our own blocks in order to become an authentic, effective teacher

  • How to set up your own class and get going

  • Networking with your community and others in the childbirth world

And much more…